Ed Murphy on Sat, 24 Jan 2009 10:03:09 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-b] [s-d] Stepping up

Billy Pilgrim wrote:

> I've been ordained for a few days now, and I think there are several people
> on the above list who lost ordainment by failing to answer questions within
> a jiffy in nweek 153 (as I did). I say this because I remember at some point
> in Tyler's tenure as MoQ where there weren't more than 3 or 4 ordained
> Players...

I saw your message later (see mine with subject "More MoQ catchup").  I
didn't dig as far back as nweek 153.

> Ordained for sure: me, Codae, 0x44, JamesB, presumably Murphy who left
> himself on the list.

I'm not sure about anyone except Wooble, due to the "cannot become
Ordained until the following nweek" clause (e couldn't have fallen
afoul of that clause because e was not a player at the time).

I submit this Tweak and intend to activate it:

Amend Rule 5E36 by replacing the text of the section "Automatic
Reassignment" with this text:

      If a Priest other than the Oracle fails to answer a Consultation
      within a Jiffy after he is assigned to it, then e ceases to be
      assigned to it, and the Oracle may defrock em within a Jiffy; a
      defrocked Priest ceases to be assigned to any Consultations and
      loses the Ordained property.

The following players become Ordained:  Codae, 0x44, j, teucer,
Murphy, Tyler, JamesB, Wooble, Marr965, Billy Pilgrim, plus any player
who requested Ordainment between the submission and activation of this
Tweak, minus any player who requested non-Ordainment between the
submission and activation of this Tweak.  All other players become
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