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[s-b] Consultation 190

> Consultation 190. I assign it to Priest JamesB.
> On Thu, Jan 1, 2009 at 1:02 PM, Craig Daniel <teucer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I submit the following Consultation: {Is Fred an External Force?}
> >
> > Arguments: The Beast is a Player and an Outsider (Rule 5E50). An
> > Outsider is, by definition, an External Force (Rule 5E4). Ergo, the
> > Beast is an External Force. However, an External Force is something
> > that exists independently of the game (Rule 5E4), which the Beast does
> > not. Ergo, the Beast must not be an External Force. E thus cannot be
> > an Outsider either, and thus is not a Player. Unfortunately, rule 5E4
> > takes precedence over Rule 5E50.
Tough question, but I answer Consultation 190 YES as it is likely that there is an External Force with the name Fred (there are plenty of people outside the game with the name Fred). To give a serious answer, The beast is defined as an Outsider and must therefore be an External Force. Rule 5E4 takes precedence over Rule 5E50 but that is irrelevant as the two Rules do not conflict, Rule 5E50 merely states that the Beast is an Outsider and defers to the Rule 5E4 definition of an Outsider causing the Beast to become an External Force.
To simplify:
The Beast is an Outsider (Rule 5E50)
An Outsider is an External Force (Rule 5E4)
Rule 5E50 must do as Rule 5E4 says (Rule 5E9)
Rule 5E50 must, therefore assume that the Beast is an External Force because the greater importance of Rule 5E4 has made it so
So although we have no idea what External Force is behind Fred (the Ranger perhaps?), there is definitely a case for Fred being an External Force (otherwise we could end up with no beast)
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