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[s-b] Proposal: Fix the Grid.

I submit the following proposal entitled "Fix the Grid":
   Replace the text of 5e48 with:
   The Grid

The Grid consists of an infinite, two-dimensional plane of squares from (-inf, -inf) to (inf,inf). Each Square is identified by their (x,y) coordinates. Each Square has a priority list, which consists of a list of Colours and their non-negative integer Priority in that Square. By default, the Priority of each Colour in each Square is zero. If a Colour in a Square has a higher priority than all other Colours in that Square, that Square is said to be Coloured with the Colour; otherwise the Square is Uncoloured.

Colours (aka Colors) are a type of Game Object, consisting of an RGB colour and a set of Laws. The Laws of a Colour are binding upon all Players Resident on Squares that are Coloured with that Colour.

The Laws of a Colour are a type of Game Document that defines a set of restrictions placed upon Residents of a Square of that Law's Colour. Laws may define actions that a Resident on them shall or shall not do. A Player can be punished by Consultation for violating Laws unless the Laws define their own punishment for the violation. The Rules of B Nomic take precedence over all Laws.

Laws must specify a Tracker for that Colour; this Tracker must keep track of the Laws of that Colour. Laws without such a specification, if not fixed within a Jiffy, cease to be the Laws of the relavent Colour and revert back to the default Laws. This restriction does not apply to the initial Laws.

Laws may define things which a Resident on them shall or shall not do, and are considered Binding on all Players Resident on Squares with that Colour. A Colour's Laws may also define methods for changing the Colour of Squares of that Colour, and may also specify methods for causing the Colour to take Game Actions on the Grid. Laws may also define abstract entities (aka Artifacts) that exist only within the scope of the Laws.

Artifacts are a type of Game Object that only exists within the Grid, and may only alter the global game state of the Grid in ways that are defined by the Rules, or the local game state of Squares of their Laws' Colour in ways that are defined by that Colour's Laws.

   The Laws for any Colour apart from Uncoloured are initially as follows:
A Resident of a $COLOUR Square can amend these Laws with the unanimous consent of all other Residents of $COLOUR Squares. with $COLOUR replaced with the relevant Colour.

Thrice per nweek, a Player may increment or decrement the Priority of any one COlour on their Resident Square by 1. The Laws of a Colour cannot in any way impede or restrict a Player's ability to perform this action.

=== Noughts and Crosses ===
There exists a Ministry called the Ministry of Grid. The Minister of Grid is responsible for tracking the public display of the Grid, including the Players Resident in the Squares, and the Square's Colours.


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