James Baxter on Thu, 1 Jan 2009 15:17:55 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] A place of my own

I increment the priority of the colour 0, 128, 128 on (0, 100).
I intend, with the unanimous consent of all residents of Squares of the Colour 0,128,128, to change the laws of 0, 128, 128 to:
{The Colour 0, 128, 128 is known as Teal.
JamesB is the Tracker of Teal.
A Resident of a Teal Square can amend these Laws with the unanimous consent of all other Residents of Teal Squares. 
At the beginning of each nweek all mackerel owned by Teal are divided equally among all Active non-Dead, non-Prisoner Residents of Teal Squares with any mackerel that would be divided into less than m1 being returned to the ownership of Teal.
If a Resident of a Teal Square Forfeits the Game, all mackerel in eir possesion at the moment of Forfeit are transferred to Teal unless another Legal Entity claims ownership of eir mackerel by a Contract or Rule.}
I consent to the above action and the Laws of 0, 128, 128 (now known as Teal) are changed to the above text.

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