Craig Daniel on Thu, 1 Jan 2009 13:23:25 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] Proposal: Exceptio Probat Regulam

I submit the following proposal, entitled "The Exception Proves the Rule":

{Create a rule, entitled "Exceptio Probat Regulam", with the following text:
{If the rules specify a specific instance of a phenomenon but are
silent on the more general examples, the phenomenon does not generally
apply. [[eg, the fact that Wonko of the 4th nweek of the nyear is
Agoran Silly Hat Day means that no other day is Agoran Silly Hat

/* The things about the rules this changes are few and far between;
most of them are being made to more explicitly conform to the common
sense interpretation that I'm sure we all believe in anyhow. For
example: Rule 5e2 states that "All Ownable Game Objects have an Owner,
which is either a Legal Entity or Nobody." Currently it could be
argued - falsely, I think - that Nobody owns the Unownable game
objects. After this rule passes, they explicitly lack an Owner, even
Nobody, rather than implicitly lacking one.

I was originally going to go find things where this changed something
other than making the common-sense interpretation explicitly correct,
and twiddle the ones that wouldn't benefit from such a change - but
honestly I can't find any. I looked. */}

I'd love suggestions for a better way to phrase the EPR rule, btb.

 - teucer
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