Tyler on Fri, 29 Aug 2008 17:57:03 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] Stop Clock for Ministry Business

I turn the Clock Off. (note that it may still be nday 4 if Wooble is a

I also make the claim: I believe Billy Pilgrim's answer (and Oracularity) to
be Consistent. (remember that BP resubmitted his answer at midnight, so now
it is possible to claim it Consistent in the Wooble-is-a-player game

/* I turned the Clock Off because our Ministry of Law needs to add a certain
Rule: Criminal Offenses to the list. This might also be a good time for the
other Ministers to catch up:

- Laundry:
that Wooble attempted to transfer a Brown sock to the IIB, which is of
course impossible, since it's just the name of the Contract, not the
Corporation. Also, there are no colored proposals.

- Business: add the two BlackMin contracts with Black Corporation and
Ty-Guy6 as parties. Also, the Corporation for the IIB Contract is called B
Nomic Corporation, and has 0 socks.(see Laundry above for Brown
Sock explanation.)

- Players: Phil is now Ordained

- Ministries: (yes, even I'm behind) Add Ministry Obligations to Public

We'll have even more to do once the Case of the Wooble Anomaly is resolved.
Please claim Priest Billy P's midnight answer to be Consistent, so we can
move on with the game.

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