Jamie Dallaire on Tue, 26 Aug 2008 23:48:18 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] MoS 147-148 Report, Welcome tusho, and CONTEST!!!

I've based the points count on Charles' MoC report as well as Ty-Guy6's
addition (note that votes to the discussion forum cannot be made to count).

Here are the relevant changes that occured at the nweek 147-148 boundary
(contest below):
Player Name      +Points       +Macks*

Charles                   6                300 (Law, Change, Laundry, Biz,
j                             6
Wooble                   3
MCTMike                6
BobTHJ                   6
Billy Pilgrim            6                300 (Society, Fauna, Time)
Codae                   12                100 (Judging)
6                                                                 + Vested
19                                                                + Vested
Phil                        8
- Vested
- Vested
- Vested

** *EXCLUDING THE m25 that each and everyone gets for activity, and m100
(uniform reward value for now) per ministry held all week.

- The Beast gained an extra m100 on nday 1 since he built jackpot.
- tusho joins as a Player on nday 1. Welcome tusho!!!
- Wooble forfeit the game subsequent to all this.
- In order to keep the Public Display neat, I Remove the Active Property
from LASD, whom we haven't heard from in a little while.


What is the National Anthem of B Nomic??? Craft a good passage and it could
be Message of the nweek!

Perhaps it has to do with C Nomic? (see Rules 83 and 84...)

Have a good nweek!

MoS Billy Pilgrim
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