Jamie Dallaire on Mon, 30 Jun 2008 20:29:05 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-b] Proposal: Remove Points

I revise "Remove Points" to read:
Destroy the Victory Condition that reads:
Win By Points

Trigger: At the beginning of a Winday [[nday 2]], at least one Player
possesses at least A Truckload of Points.

Victors: The player with the greatest number of points, or all players tied
for the greatest number of points.

Prize: A gleaming steel rapier.

Cleanup: All points are destroyed.


Repeal Rules 4E17 (Points) and 4E19 (Scoring).

In Rule 4E33 (Currency), remove the text: "Players can, via game action,
exchange points for currency. The rule or rules defining the currency will
set the exchange rate. The player declares how many points he wishes to
exchange (which cannot be less than 0 or more points than he has) and the
currency he wishes to receive. He loses that many points and gains (exchange
rate x points) in the currency. If for any reason the amount of his
pointscannot go down or the amount of his chosen currency cannot go
up, then
nothing happens."

In Rule 4E34 (Mackerel), remove the text: "The points -> mackerel exchange
rate is 5.0 - that is, 1 point may be exchanged for m5."

In Rule 4E37 (The Ministry of Goods), replace the text: "If he fails to
collect sufficient mackerel, his Voting Power is set to 0, he loses 25
points, and the next highest bidder may purchase the unique device 1 nday
later." with: "If he fails to collect sufficient mackerel, he ceases to be a
Registered Voter until the start of the next nweek, and the next highest
bidder may purchase the unique device 1 nday later."

Replace the text of Rule 4E48 (Usurping Ministries) with the following text:
"A Player may, as a Game Action and without 2 objections in 2 rdays, Usurp a
non-Vacant Ministry. In this case, the Ministry is no longer assigned to the
previous Minister and is assigned to the Usurper instead." [[this is the
pre-retainer rule, verbatim]]

In Rule 4E32 (Tidiness Lists), remove the following text: "If the
corrections in a Tidiness List take place the Player that submitted the
Tidiness List gains one point for every three errors corrected. Tidiness
Lists correcting less than three errors give no points."

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