Geoffrey Spear on Mon, 16 Jun 2008 08:46:25 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] take THIS, causality!

I submit the following Tweak:
Create a new rule, numbered Rule 4E0-2, with the following text:
    { A Tweak can suspend any Rules it specifies, causing them to be
null and without effect while the rest of the Tweak's changes take
place. Such rules immediately take effect again when the Tweak
Unsuspends them. }

Suspend Rule 4E26.

Retroactively turn the Clock ON any time in the past that the wiki
indicated it was ON.  Retroactively turn the Clock OFF any time in the
past it was off.

Retroactively set the Gamestate at each moment in the past 7 months to
what the Public Displays at the time claimed it was.

In Rule 4E53, at the end of the first paragraph, insert the text
"Unless the rules explicitly state otherwise, a Minister has the power
to make any changes to Game Objects strictly necessary to fulfill his
Obligations." Then, at the start of the next paragraph change "ny" to

Designate the Forum consisting of the mailing list with the address
spoon-notices@xxxxxxxxx as a Private Forum.

Unsuspend Rule 4E26.

Repeal Rule 4E0-2.

Turn off any Panic Buttons that exist, and set every Player's mental
state to Calm.

I intend, without Objection, to activate this Tweak.
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