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Re: [s-b] Ministry of Questions report

> > {{
> > Can any player remove BobTHJ from the Ministry of Questions as a Game
> Action?
> >
> > }}
> This is Consultation #103. I assign it to Priest Billy Pilgrim.

I (reluctantly) Answer this Consultation YES.

Rule 4E18 (Judgment) clearly indicates that a Consultation is a Game
Document that is denoted by a Number (once assigned to a Priest), has a
Status, and contains a Question as well as, optionally, a Reasoning and the
name of an Unbeliever.

Oracle BobTHJ's Public Display contains all relevant information about
Consultations, save for the Question itself (which IS an intrinsic part of
the Consultation) and the Answer and Claims (though Rule 4E18 does not seem
to include these as part of the Consultation).

Rule 4E50 (Public Displays) stipulates that a Ministry's obligation to
update its Public Display following changes to the game state "is fulfilled
even if there are accidental errors and/or omissions in the updated data of
the public display." That said, it is the Priest's belief that the
systematic omission of Questions over a period of several weeks
constitutes a graver foible than the accidental error or omission mentioned
in Rule 4E50, and thus is not protected by this clause.

Rule 4E53 (Ministerial Obligations) states that Ministers must fulfill
obligations on their Ministry within a Jiffy, and can be removed by any
Player if they fail to do so. Oracle BobTHJ, with his systematically
incomplete Public Display of Consultations, has failed to fulfill his
Ministry's primary obligation, and can thus be removed by any Player's will.

ALL OF THAT SAID, I submit that the current Oracle inherited a Ministry that
was, indeed, in shambles, and has been doing a Bang Up Job. I urge anyone
not convinced by my unsupported commendation to read Oracle BobTHJ's own
defense, provided along with the assignment of this Consultation to myself
as Priest.

Though it is possible to remove BobTHJ as Oracle (if done before the Oracle
provides a proper Public Display that includes, minimally, Questions), I
would politely ask that Players refrain from doing so unless they are,
themselves, on the verge of completing a "searchable web-based public
display" of Consultations.

Priest Billy Pilgrim
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