Peter Cooper Jr. on Mon, 29 Jan 2007 19:09:45 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] 116.2 Administrator's Update

Triller answers Consultation 1 True.
Wonko answers Consultation 2 True.

I have a tentative Voting Results list up at

Things to note:

- Voting was kind of funky this nweek, what with me not noticing an
  extra prop until partway through voting. I want to give people a
  chance to object to what I've got posted there if I messed something

- The point totals are almost certainly incomplete, as at least one
  player probably won partway through proposals resolving from points
  being awarded. So this looks like it may be more complicated to
  figure out than my speadsheet has right now, as even voting
  participation points are given out prop-by-prop.

- One thing I do know is that Antonio's prop to become Oracle passed,
  so I'm passing all that stuff off to him. I started putting up
  Consultations 1 and 2 on the wiki, since those were asked and
  answered while I was still Oracle.

- I'm out of time for tonight.

I should get more time tomorrow to deal with all this. Thanks for your
continued patience.

The clock is off. It is currently Winday, nday 2 of nweek 116, of
nyear 12, in the third era of B Nomic. The ndelay is 1.

Peter C.
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