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[s-b] Consultation: element change actions

Question: Is it valid for an element change action to be submitted
privately to the rule tag moderator?

Unbeliever: The Administrator!

Rule 4-1 states: {{Players may change their element with an "element
change" game action.}}

Rule 4-2 states: {{A "rule tag action" is a game action which forms
part of the game of rule tag.}}
and also: {{All rule tag actions may be made by emailing the rule tag
moderator with a subject line starting "[rule tag]"}}

The key issue appears to be, is an element change action a rule tag action?

Here is a list of all the other rule tag actions:
"Rule tag move"
"Rule tag grab"
"Rule tag drop"

The "element change" action is not specifically limited to the game of
rule tag.  All the other actions cannot apply to anything else but the
rule tag "board".

It also appears to the supplicant that if element change was a rule
tag action, it would be called "rule tag element change"; and be in
rule 4-2.

However, the supplicant doesn't care either way particularly, so long
as we have a ruling on the question.
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