Peter Cooper Jr. on Wed, 24 Jan 2007 19:50:03 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] 115.11 Rule Tag Report

In fulfillment of Rule Tag Moderator responsibility (1):

Messages received this week for rule tag:
Optional, Fri Jan 12 09:31:09 2007 UT, private email:
Subject: "[rule tag] move to 1-12, please."

Optional, Fri Jan 12 09:34:51 2007 UT, private email:
Subject: "[rule tag] grab the RTO "rule tag goal" please - 29 points"

Antonio, Mon Jan 15 10:35:06 2007 UT, spoon-business:
I change my element to fire

Antonio, Fri Jan 19 15:31:23 2007 UT, private email:
Hi peter
I rule tag move to rule 4-3
i ruletag grab the Ball declaring 10 points

Antonio, Fri Jan 19 15:34:59 2007 UT, private email:
Hi peter
scrap that,
I rule tag move to rule 1-8

Antonio, Fri Jan 19 15:36:07 2007 UT, private email:
Hi peter
scrap that (once again),
I don't move at all
sorry for bothering you with useless messages

Triller, Sat Jan 20 00:01:32 2007 UT, spoon-business:
I make a Rule Tag Move from Null to Rule 1-8.

Valid rule tag actions
All the moves except Triller's don't specify eir current RTL, which
the last sentence of "GAME ACTIONS - MOVE" in r4-2 clearly states is
required in order to make a rule tag move. It also requires "the game
term that links them", which Triller didn't specify, but that's likely
because that requirement doesn't make sense for moves to or from null.

So I'm going to rule that nobody made a valid move action, and it's
quite possible that nobody can until the rules change some.

Since none of the RTOs are in the same RTL as any of the players,
none of the rule tag grab actions work either.

Antonio does change eir Element to Fire, although I'm not sure if
that's a Rule Tag Action or not.

All players' current RTL and element
All players' current RTL is null.
All players except Antonio have an Element of Earth.
Antonio has an Element of Fire.

Peter C.
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