Antonio Dolcetta on Fri, 12 Jan 2007 04:17:49 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] Tidiness

create a new rule called: "Spelling" that reads:

If the Rules contain errors of spelling any Player may as a Game Action 
correct these errors by posting a Tidiness List on a public forum.
A Tidiness List is a Game Document that lists spelling errors in the 
rules, and the proposed corrections.
The corrections contained in a Tidiness List do not take place 
immediately, but happen three ndays after the Tidiness List was 
submitted, unless in this period of time a player Objects to the 
Tidiness List.
Any player may as a Game Action Object to a Tidiness List, in this case 
the Tidiness List is discarded, and has no effect.

[[for practical purposes it is allowed to actually go on and make the 
changes to the wiki at the same time as posting the Tidiness List, but 
please mark your changes clearly so that they may be reverted easily]]

If the corrections in a Tidiness List take place the Player that 
submitted the Tidiness List gains one point for every three errors 
corrected. The Administrator has the final word in case it is unclear 
exactly how many errors were corrected by a given correction.
Tidiness Lists correcting less than three errors give no points.

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