Daniel Lepage on Mon, 18 Dec 2006 10:24:38 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-b] [s-d] Current Proposals rule doesn't work

I agree with Iain's interpretation. As soon as any proposal gets more  
FOR votes than AGAINST Votes, it will take effect infinitely many times.

I hit my Panic Button.

In case we don't get enough Panicking players, I also propose:
__Proposal Fix__

Replace the text of rule 2-2 with:
As a Game Action, players may submit a Proposal. Proposals are Game  
Documents that list changes to be made to the game. Proposals may  
have a Name. A Proposal is in one of the states of Pending, Open, and  
Historical. A Proposal is initially Pending. A Historical proposal is  
also in one of the substates of Won or Lost, initially Lost. The  
player who submits a Proposal is known as the Proposal's Author.

Proposals automatically gain a Proposal Number upon submission. Each  
new Proposal shall be assigned by the Administrator an integer  
Proposal Number greater than all previously-existing Proposal Numbers.

A Pending Proposal's Author may revise its body of text and/or Name  
by resubmitting it.

At the beginning of nday 9 of each nweek, all Pending Proposals  
become Open.

As a Game Action, a Player may submit a Vote on an Open Proposal of  
one of the words FOR, AGAINST, or ABSTAIN. The most recent Vote on a  
Proposal by a Player is called that player's Final Vote on that  

A Proposal may, in its body of text, list other Proposals as  
Dependencies. It is said to Depend on those Proposals.

A Proposal may also list other Proposals as Conflicts. If, in a set  
of two Proposals, either lists the other as a Conflict, those  
Proposals are said to Conflict with each other.

A Proposal's Strength is equal to the difference between the number  
of players whose Final Vote on that proposal was FOR and the number  
of players whose Final Vote on that proposal was AGAINST.

At the end of nday 12 of each nweek, the following events happen, in  
  * All Open Proposals become Historical in succession, from the one  
with the smallest Proposal Number to the one with the greatest.
  * Each Proposal with positive Strength becomes Won; all other  
Proposals become Lost.
  * In descending order of Strength, and of Number in cases where  
Strength is equal, if a Won Proposal Conflicts with any other Won  
Proposals, those Proposals become Lost.
  * In order from lowest to highest Proposal Number, if a Proposal  
Depends on a Proposal that is Lost, it becomes Lost.
  * The preceding event is repeated until it has no further effect.
  * All Won Proposals Pass.

When a Proposal Passes, its list of changes to the game occur.  
Proposals that do not Pass are said to have Failed.



As long as the first vote cast after Voting starts is FOR this prop,  
the prop will take effect once immediately and then everything else  
will work out as we'd originally expected it to. Anything else and  
the gamestate probably becomes undefined.


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