Antonio Dolcetta on Mon, 18 Dec 2006 08:54:59 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-b] [s-d] Current Proposals rule doesn't work

Peter Cooper Jr. wrote:
> I think that the conflicts/dependencies prop broke rule 2-2. The rule
> right now says that all Open proposals become Historical at the end of
> nday 12, but then there's a bunch of Won/Lost stuff that doesn't have
> anything to do with Historical proposals. It looks to me like it's
> constantly checking for player Final Votes, which happen all
> throughout voting, to get Strength, and then there's no timing
> describing when the confliction and dependency rules happen. It's
> really quite confusing to me trying to read through it.

it looks like it's horribly broken
this is what I think happens to proposals with the current version of 2-2

proposal is pending
->nday 9
proposal is open
Final votes start gathering on the proposal
strength accumulates (during this phase a proposal can keep shifting 
from Won to Lost and back depending on the votes for it, and the status 
of it's conflicting proposals)
*every time* it is Won it's changes are applied
->nday 12
porposal is historical, votes cannot be cast anymore

therefore i propose:
_supreme antoniocracy_
this proposal conflicts with all other proposals.
amend rule 1-1 to read in it's entirety:
The Player known as Antonio is the Supreme Autocrat.
The Supreme Autocrat may change this game by notifying the Public forum 
of the change.
No change may be made to this game unless the supreme autocrat allows it.
This Rule takes precedence over all other Rules, even the ones that 
claim to take precedence over it.

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