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Re: [s-b] PROPOSAL: Tags

On Thursday 14 December 2006 5:18, Jake Eakle wrote:
> his -> eir?

I revise:
Create a new rule, entitled "Tags":
There exist Game Documents called Tags.  A Tag has a Name, which is a set of 
1-64 lowercase alphanumeric characters, and a Game Object it belongs to.  At 
the end of each nday divisible by 4, each Player gains a Post-It.  Post-Its 
are Game Objects.  If a Player has more than three Post-Its at any time, eir 
Post-Its are destroyed in reverse order of creation until e has three.

As a Game Action, a player may submit a Tag, if e has at least one Post-It, by 
specifying a valid Name and any Game Object.  One of eir Post-Its is 
destroyed, and the Tag is created.  This action can be referred to as Tagging 
that object with that Name.

A Game Object may not be tagged if it is indistinguishable from any other Game 
Object. [[So I can't Tag one of your Points and wonder what happens when you 
lose a point.]]

Each player gains one Post-It.

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