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[s-b] 114.1 Administrator's Update

Votes are cast by The Dave, player "the Administrator" (soon to be
renamed to comex), and Triller.

The Dave proposes and amends "wtf" (p51).

Antonio proposes and amends "RFJ system, take 2" (p52).

fnord joins the game. Welcome!

Triller proposes "The Zeroth Addendum" (p53).

At the end of nday 12, Open Proposals Resolve:
P#  Name                                 Author       FOR   AGAINST RESULT
21  The Temporal Prime Directive         The Dave     8       2     PASS
22  You need to *work* to win            Peter        7       1     PASS
23  Legal Mode                           Optional     0       10    FAIL
24  Monopoly Mode                        Optional     8       2     PASS
25  Win or Win or Win                    Optional     6       4     PASS
26  Disambiguation                       bd           9       1     PASS
27  Jurisdictional boundaries            bd           4       4     FAIL
28  The Slim Shady Clause                The Dave     8       2     PASS
29  Generality                           bd           7       1     PASS
30  some RFJ fixes                       Antonio      10      0     PASS
31  populate $wgLogo                     Antonio      4       5     FAIL
32  Proposal to reduce redundancy…       bd           4       3     PASS
33  Posts                                Optional     9       0     PASS
34  The rot sets in                      Optional     0       9     FAIL
35  The Rules Rule                       sproingie    2       8     FAIL
36  extend commentability options        Antonio      8       1     PASS
37  conflicts and dependencies           "the Admin…" 5       4     PASS
38  you know you want 'em                "the Admin…" 8       2     PASS
39  state of the union                   "the Admin…" 3       6     FAIL
40  Rename comex, too                    Peter        9       1     PASS
41  Basic Scoring                        Peter        9       1     PASS
42  Emergency Procedure Fixes            Peter        10      0     PASS
43  Monotonicity is rather dull, don't…  bd           8       1     PASS
44                                       "the Admin…" 10      0     PASS

Detailed Voting Results (such as who voted for what) are up at
(Sorry for the awful formatting, but it's what Excel gives me for
HTML, and I'm not going to bother spending time trying to clean it up.)

I'm creating a new Section 3, called "General" to hold misc. stuff
that isn't about the foundations of the game or the gameplay itself. I
think Section 1 was getting too crowded. I'm not going to move stuff
from section 1 there just yet, but may do so later (or someone can
propose it if they want.) It may not be the best organizational
structure, but it'll do for now.

Passed Prop Details:

Created Rule "The Temporal Prime Directive", which I assign number 3-1
and put in section 3.

Amended Rule 2-3.
Removed Wins.

Created Rule "Monopoly Mode", which I assign number 1-15 and put in
section 1.

Amended Rule 2-3.

Created Rule "Disambiguation", which I assign number 3-2 and put in
section 3.

Amended Rule 1-4.

Amended Rule 1-14.

Amended Rule 2-5.

Changed "Player" property to "Third era pioneer".

Created Rule "Posts", which I assign number 3-3 and put in section 3.
Created Rule "Elections", which I assign number 3-4 and put in section 3.

Amended Rule 1-6.

Amended Rule 2-2.

Created Rule "Transactions" in section 1, which I assign number 1-16.

Renamed player "the administrator" to "comex".

Amended Rule 2-2.
Created Rule "Scoring" in section 2, which I assign number 2-6.

Amended Rule 0.

Amended Rule 2-2.
Amended Rule 2-5.

Amended Rule 2-5.

At the start of nday 1, Rule 2-6 amends itself.

It is currently nweek 114, nday 1.

Peter C.
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