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[s-b] Virtual particles

[[ There are a few proposals on the ballot which could cause people to 
lose points when they're at zero. We could just declare that they lose 
any points they have left, but how about something more interesting? ]]

I propose:
__Virtual particles__

Create the following rule:
__Idle timer__

The Game is said to be Idle whenever a finite, non-zero length of time 
passes in which no changes to the gamestate occur, and the Clock is On.

Amend rule 2-4:
Points and Antipoints are Game Objects which may be possessed by 
Players. Points may not be awarded to any player, taken from any player, 
or transferred between players, except in ways explicitly permitted or 
required by the rules. The number of points a player possesses minus the 
number of antipoints they possess may also be referred to as that 
player's "score."

Whenever the Game is Idle, Annihilation occurs for each Player who 
possesses both Points and Antipoints. Annihilation destroys N Points and 
N Antipoints possessed by that player, where N is equal to the minimum 
of the number of Points and Antipoints possessed by that player.

Players may as a Game Action Flux Point-Antipoint pairs. Fluxing a 
Point-Antipoint pair creates one Point and one Antipoint in the Fluxing 
player's possession. Should any Rule attempt to take Points or 
Antipoints in excess of what a Player possesses, that Player implicitly 
Fluxes Point-Antipoint pairs until e has the number of Points or 
Antipoints that the Rule in question is attempting to take.

Replace the phrase "more than 100 points" with "a score greater than 
100" in Rule 2-3.
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