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[s-b] PROPOSAL: state of the union

[[This redefines a Game Action, and limits any changes to the gamestate to be 
as specified in the Rules.]]
I submit a proposal:

Add after the first sentence of Rule 1-8:
The state of this game can only be changed as specified by the Rules.

Replace the text of Rule 1-10 with the following:
A Game Action is a means for Outsiders to change the state of the game, as 
defined in the Rules. To take a Game Action, an Outsider must post a message 
to a Public Forum specifying that e is taking that action. E must also 
specify any targets and/or parameters necessary for that action [[for 
example, you must specify a proposal in order to vote against a proposal]]. E 
may list multiple actions that e wishes to take, in which case e takes them 
in the order e lists them. E may also state a specific positive integer to 
perform a particular action that many times (if legal, of course) 
sequentially.  In this case, the Game Action is taken when the message 
reaches that Forum.  The Rules also have the power to cause an Outsider to 
take Game Actions whether e posts or not.

When a Game Action is taken, the state of the game changes as specified in its 

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