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[s-b] Proposal: conflicts and dependencies

[[So I can make proposals that use the hot new proposed stuff, without waiting 
an nweek.  Or so that props like "Legal Mode" and "Monopoly Mode"...]]

I submit a proposal, titled "conflicts and dependencies."  

Add to the first paragraph of Rule 2-2:
A Historical proposal is also in one of the substates of Won or Lost, 
initially Lost.

Replace the second-to-last paragraph of Rule 2-2 with the following: (Use the 
Y-quoted text if a proposal titled "the rot sets in" passed, and the X-quoted 
text if not.)
A Proposal may, in its body of text, list other Proposals as Dependencies.  It 
is said to Depend on those Proposals.

A Proposal may also list other Proposals as Conflicts.  If, in a set of two 
Proposals, either lists the other as a Conflict, those Proposals are said to 
Conflict each other.

X: When a Proposal becomes Historical, if there exist more players whose Final
X: Vote on that proposal was FOR than there exist players whose Final Vote on
X: that proposal was AGAINST, it becomes Won.  Otherwise, it becomes Lost.

Y: When a Proposal becomes Historical, if the sum of the strengths of all
Y: the FOR final votes on it exceeds the sum of the strengths of all
Y: AGAINST final votes on it, and at least two voting objects have voted FOR
Y: with a strength greater than 0, the proposal becomes Won.  Otherwise,
Y: it becomes Lost.

For every set of two Won Proposals which Conflict each other, the one 
with the lower Number becomes Lost.

Repeat the following until no changes are made: {{
In order from lowest to highest Proposal Number, if a Proposal Depends on a 
Proposal that is Lost, it becomes Lost.

All Won Proposals Pass.

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