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[s-b] And now for something completely different

I propose the following rule:

Amend rule 1-14 to read as follows:

An Attribute is a game object, defined in the rules.  Each Attribute has 
a Scope, a Range, and a Default Value.  The Scope is a set of Game 
Objects to which the Attribute applies.  The Range is the set of 
possible values for the Attribute.  The Default Value is an element of 
the Range.

Each element of the Scope of an Attribute possesses an Instance of that 
Attribute. If it does not possess one, one is created immediately. If a 
Game Object outside the Scope of an Attribute possesses an Instance of 
that Attribute, the Instance in question is destroyed immediately.

Instances of an Attribute have a Value, which is a member of the Range 
of the Attribute. When created, the Value of an Instance is its 
Attribute's Default Value, unless otherwise specified.

For brevity, the value of an instance of an attribute of some object may 
be referred to as the value of that attribute on the object in question.

The Scope, Range, and Default Value of Attributes are static and defined 
in the Rules.  The Value of Instances of Attributes can be changed only 
as specified in the Rules.

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