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Re: [s-b] Some actions

comex wrote:
> I Forfeit the game.  I request to join the game under the name 'the 
> Administrator'.
> [[My name being 'the Administrator' is not intended to affect the following 
> actions, but doing it later would, if this succeeds, cause me to forfeit my 
> Win.]]
> I create a RFJ.  The statement is, "The player named 'the Administrator' has 
> exactly one Win, and no other players have Wins."
> Now I select the player named 'all players' as its Judge.  This is a Game 
> Action that the Administrator is permitted to do, and it is also one that the 
> Administrator is required to do, at some point.  But I'll do it first, 
> because the rules don't say otherwise.

There is no player named 'all players'. Therefore, all of this fails.

That said, this is a hole which requires patching. As such, I propose:

Create a rule:

No text in any Rule shall be interpreted as a specific Player's name, 
unless that rule explicitly states that said text shall be interpreted 
as a specific Player's name.

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