David E. Smith on Fri, 24 Nov 2006 16:48:06 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] A winner is you!

I make the following proposal, entitled "A winner is you!" (if prop  
titles exist yet):

Create a new rule, entitled "Points," with the following text:

Players, and only players, may have points. Points are Game Objects.  
Points may not be awarded to any player, taken from any player, or  
transferred between players, except in ways explicitly permitted or  
required by the rules. The number of points a player possesses may  
also be referred to as that player's "score."

If, and only if, Proposal 0002 passed, remove the text "Players can't  
perform the Winning Game Action." from the rule created by the passage  
of that proposal, and append to the end of that same rule the following:

If, at any time, any player has more than 100 points, the following  
events occur simultaneously:

* The player with the greatest number of points is awarded a Win. [[  
That should be the player whose score just exceeded 100 points, but  
might not be... ]]
* All players' points are removed from the game. [[ Everyone's score  
is reset to zero. ]]

[[ The above must occur simultaneously because otherwise, a player  
would instantly receive an infinite number of Wins. Also because  
trying to write a clear, unambiguous sentence that says "the guy who  
had 100 points before we erased them" is Hard. ]]



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