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[s-b] Amended proposal "conflict resolution" (weird gmail thingy)

Amended proposal: "Conflict resoluton"

1) Change rule 1-8 to add at the end:
{{Every rule has an amendment date.  This is a date, according to the
dating system set up in the rules.  There can only be one amendment
date per rule.}}

2) Change all existing rules to add, as its amendment date, the date
that the rule was last changed.

3) Change rule 2-2; add the following at the end:
{{Each rule created or amended by the proposal has its amendment date
updated to the date the proposal passed.}}

4) Add a new rule titled "conflict resolution":
{{When two or more rules conflict, one rule "wins" and thus takes
precedence over the others.

If one rule says it overrides the others, that rule wins; otherwise,
if one rule is of a type that overrides the other rules' type(s), then
that rule wins; otherwise, the rule with the oldest amendment date

If this rule conflicts with another rule, this rule wins.}}

It's Like This

Even the Samurai
Have teddy bears
And even the teddy bears
Get drunk
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