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[s-b] Re: Nweek 83 results

Ministerial Payments:
Peter: 120 points and 6TW
Iain: 40 points and 2TW
Wonko: 80 points and 4TW

Town Square's Vine grows a Tomato.
Town Square's Blood Fern grows a Blood Spore.
Peter's Waterspout grows a Water Pod.
Peter's Vine grows a Tomato.
Peter's Lemon Tree grows a Lemon.
Peter's Tomato becomes Rotten.
Wonko's Tomato becomes Rotten.
Wonko's 2 Waterspouts each grow a Water Pod.
The Thorn Seed on Wonko's Thorn Bush gets eaten by Squirrels.
Wonko's Thorn Bush grows 2 Thorn Seeds.

Okay... I think I've done everything I need too. Yesterday was pretty
busy for me, being Easter and all. But I'll be sure to wish that
everyone had a Happy Easter as well.

I turn on the Clock.

//GM// //R// //FP//

Peter C.
"The best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sleep."
		-- W. C. Fields

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