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[s-b] [auto] Wonko amends p2023

Wonko has amended p2023.

Proposal 2023/1: New Spells, v2
A Standard Proposal by Wonko
Last modified on nweek 81, nday 9

 * inserted the number of rule 1919; 
 * removed a clause in r1913 forbidding other methods of fermentation; 
 * added that fermenting fruits leaves them in their original holders' inventories

Append to rule 1919.B:
B.3. Slight of Hand

Slight of Hand is a spell costing 50 Research Points for level 1 and 10*N-10 points for each level above 1.

A player may cast Slight of Hand at level N. To do so, e must choose X cards in eir own hand and X-1 cards in another player's hand, where X is a number between 1 and N/3, rounded down. 1d20 is rolled. If the roll is less than or equal to N, then the two sets of cards are swapped. Otherwise, the X cards in the caster's hand are discarded.

B.4. Chromomancy

Chromomancy is a spell costing 10*N Research Points for level N. A player may cast Chromomancy at level N. The casting then has Power P = N%5 (where % is the modulus operator).
If N is 5 or lower, then the caster must choose a color that is within P of their own color in the standard ordering of the official colors of B Nomic. The caster becomes that color. If e was clear, e may choose any color; if e was Murky Brown, e becomes Clear instead.

If N is greater than 5 but less than 11, then the effects are as described above, except that the caster may choose any player to change color, and the new color must be with P of the target's current color.

If N is in the interval [11,15], then the caster may discard any color card in eir Hand to take a color card from the Deck whose color is P away from the discarded card's color (again under the standard ordering).

Finally, if N is 16 or higher, the player may choose any two of the above effects (or any one effect twice) and do both.

B.5. Alcomancy

Alcomancy is a spell costing 100 Research Points for level 1 and 80 Research points for each additional level. A player may cast Alcomancy at level N. Doing so has the following effects:
At level 1-5, ferment up to N/2 fruits you hold for free, rounded up.
At level 6-10, increase or decrease your BAC by up to (N-5)/2, rounded up.
At level 11-15, ferment up to (N-10)/2 fruits held by any player, rounded up.
At level 16-20, increase or decrease any player's BAC by (N-15)/2, rounded up.

When you ferment fruits held by other players, those players get the drinks, not you.

Remove the sentence "Fermenting may not be done in any other way." from rule 1913.

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