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[s-b] Re: Gardens update at start of nweek 82

Daniel Lepage <dpl33@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> I use one of my Ninja Bunnies to take Glotmorf's Tomato.


> I use one of my Fluffy Bunnies to destroy the Thorn Bush in the Town
> Square.

Uh, Okay. The Thorn Seed on it goes with it, I guess.

> I pick the remaining Blood Spore and Tomato from the Town Square.

You can take the Tomato, but I already took the Blood Spore
earlier. (Apparently, I forgot to include that in my last update of
the Garden Public Display. Sorry about that.)

> I claim my Free Throw against Glotmorf under r1908, and throw my
> unrotten tomato (the one I just got from the Town Square) at Glotmorf,
> succeeding unless a roll of 1d20 rolls a 20.

Nope. Free Throws are only for picking Tomatoes out of other people's

//FP// //*//

Peter C.
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