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[s-b] Re: New Player

"Martin R Crowther" <cybersanctuary@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> "An External Force may become a Player by posting a message to a
> Public Forum containing a request to become a player and a uniquely
> identifying name that e wishes to be known by. "
> Okay, I give up... I request to become a player using the currently
> unique identifying name of Rainbow Wolfe.

//R// Welcome to the game! The rules have bestowed upon you 1 point,
4BW, and 500~. Public Display updated.

> Also, according to r1903, players get to choose a colour. I pick
> green. Assuming such a colour is available for picking.

Well, I don't see anything there about picking a color. But feel free
to propose it if you want :).

> Some notes while reading through the rules... could the power that is
> Executive Tidyness check on these?
> four ninety seven
> still exists
> It contains no form
> [[Could, nay should the powers that are Executive Tidyness remove it
> completely from existence? It was recently repealed!]]

As Wonko mentioned, the program that updates the rules list wasn't
working at the time it was repealed.

> and
> "exec an cube"? in r1912. Should that not be " a cube"?

//GM// I think I see what you mean... I use Executive Tidiness to
change "Firing a jet of water at an given Cube" to "Firing a jet of
water at a given Cube" in r1912.

> and finally...
> I like Peters idea for what e did with the seals... but what was the
> original idea behind them?

I'm not sure.

Daniel Lepage <dpl33@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> I give Rainbow Wolfe a point.

//R// Recognized and Public Display updated.

Peter C.
"Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you
mine are still greater."
		-- Albert Einstein

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