David E. Smith on 4 Feb 2004 03:48:21 -0000

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[Spoon-business] The Checkpointly Recognizer

"Support for Wonko: The Prop" is p1780/0.
"Pseudocoding is not a crime" is p1779/1.
"if you can't beat them, join them" is p1787/0.
"Spam" is p1786/2.
"Laboratories" is p1792/0, /1.
"Calvinball" is p1793/0.
"Eh, freebie" is p1776/1.

Zarpint's CFI is 1781. I'm the defendant, so I can't select a judge.
BvS (the player with the highest score at the time the CFI was issued)
randomly gives it to Rob.

Zarpint changes eir Gender to some quasi-meaningless text string.

Wonko submits a bunch of crap proposals. Someone, please, for the love of
whatever generally-benevolent deity in which you believe, plug that hole.
Foo, Bar, Baz, Quux, and Spam are p 1781-1786 (/0, /1) and I intend to
Administratively Veto all five of them because they annoy me.

Ditto for "Three-Proposal Monte" (p1788) and its bastard spawn

Wonko transfers 5 points to SkArcher.

"Reality" is charterd (c1794). Wonko is a member. I don't think BvS and
Teucer are members, though I believe they've both requested such.

There seems to be some dispute about the vote results, and some
nonsensical twistiness about the (possibly nonexistent) Balefire Rod,
however I don't recall seeing anything about this on -business, and I
rarely have the spare time to keep up with -discuss any more. If there's a
dispute, someone post to biz or CFI it or at least send me a good summary
of the details thereof.

BvS plays a Jackpot! card.

Wonko receives 20 points for Quotes Ministry services.

Wonko goes On Leave, where e can't cause any more damage. :)

It's nday 4. Yay us.
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