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[Spoon-business] Leave

I modify my proposal entitled 'Age before Beauty' to be:

__Eh, freebie__

Give every player 20 points.

Take 3d6 points from Wonko and give them to the Gremlin Fund.


(because another one I submitted does the same thing; the -3d6 for me might counteract the passage bonus, or might not make it, or might overdo it. What the hell.)

I go On Leave. I'll probably be back in about three nweeks; in the meantime, I'll have list delivery disabled, so you'll have to email me privately if for some reason anyone needs me to come back.

The following are things I've been meaning to propose or toy with; if anyone wants to run with any of them, go right ahead: A Society fix (something to prevent scams, say, if a society with fewer than three members can only accept members, expel them, change its charter, or disband itself) More Council Stuff (assuming the Council passes) - I never got around to giving them any powers or responsibility Hats (can be worn, give benefits to their wearers, some method for exchanging them, etc.)
	sample hats:
The Cheater's Hat - invoke it to draw any card from the deck, with a 50% chance of failing and having your whole hand taken away instead. The Plumed Cap - Bask (i.e., invoke the hat) to gain one style, not more than one per nweek. The Banker's Hood - every player has a point account in it, points in it gain interest, but only the wearer can deposit or withdraw. The Helm of Chaos - the wearer gains 4 Bandwidth (enough for two standard props) at the beginning of each nweek.

Subgames based on:
	Othello (iago, reversi, whatever you want to call it)

Try not to destroy the game utterly while I'm gone, ok?

"Write a wise saying and your name will live forever"

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