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[Spoon-business] Joining the Market

I'm sending this to the ThermodyNomic mailing list as well, and hoping it doesn't bounce.

This proposal is something to get us started with Nomic Market; it depends on the suggestions I made earlier regarding the Market rules being implemented, as well as an additional change: Just as a Nomic can join Nomic Market, it should be able to leave. Of course, any Nomic can just ignore Nomic Market, but it'd be easier this way. In any case, I'm writing contingencies into this in case the Nomic Market ruleset every goes nutty.

I propose the following:
{{__Free Trade v1.0__
Create the following rule:
{{__Going to Market__{*Market, InterNomic*}
A. Definitions
An entity who is a player in any Nomic, and is At the Market, may be referred to as a "Trader" in B Nomic. In addition, a "B Nomic Trader" ia a Trader who's Home Nomic in Nomic Market is B Nomic.

B. Opening and Closing Shop
B Nomic may be either "Open for Business" or "Closed for Business".

When B Nomic becomes Open for Business, B Nomic shall ask the Administrator of Nomic Market to add B Nomic to Nomic Market's List, if it is not already on it.

When B Nomic becomes Closed for Business, B Nomic shall ask the Administrator of Nomic Market to remove B Nomic from Nomic Market's List, if it is on it.

No B Nomic Trader may give or receive any object in Nomic Market while B Nomic is Closed for Business. If such does occur, the effects in B Nomic of that happening do not occur. This paragraph takes precedence over the rest of this rule, and over all other rules.

When an SOE is declared, B Nomic becomes Closed for Business.

C. Player Joining
If B Nomic is Open for Business, any player in B Nomic who is Off Leave may become At the Market in Nomic Market, subject to the rules of Nomic Market.

D. Trade Control
There exists a List of Exportable Goods, or LEG, as a part of the B Nomic gamestate. It is a list of objects that B Nomic Traders may give to Traders, subject to the rules of Nomic Market and the rules of the Home Nomic of the receiving Trader. B Nomic Traders may not give objects to Traders if those objects are not on the LEG, and/or are not in eir possession. When a B Nomic Trader gives an object to a Trader, it is destroyed in B Nomic.

There exists a Table of Importable Goods, or TIG, as a part of the B Nomic gamestate. It is a list of objects that Traders may give to B Nomic Traders, and a list of events that happen upon that object being given to a B Nomic Trader. Objects not on the TIG may not be given to B Nomic Players.

If an object not on the TIG is given to a B Nomic Trader, then the effects that occur are: "The object is turned into FNURD, has its Contents set to the name and any other properties it may have had prior to becoming a FNURD, and loses all other properties it may have. It is placed in the possession of the receiving B Nomic Trader." FNURDS are passable carryable objects, and have the property "Contents". [[Bascially, should you somehow aquire a non-allowed item, it'll get turned into junk, the the data about it is saved in case the junk ever becomes valuable.]]
[[End rule __Going to Market__]]

Set the LEG to the following:
Ball of Wax
Ball of Earwax
Big Stick
Pinball Gun
Small Lump of Scrap Metal
Large Lump of Scrap Metal
Beer Can
Ice Cube
Ice Sphere
Can of Whoopass
[[End LEG]]

[[I'd love to see what other Nomics might do with a Hand or an Insta-Rule, or see someone somehow possess and then trade off Barney.]]

Set the TIG to the following:
Object Events
Coin The Coin loses all properties it may have. It then becomes a passable carrable object, and is placed in the receiving player's possession.
[[End TIG]]
[[I don't know what else might be out there, in Thermodynomic or elsewhere. And we don't want to let things in here uncontrolled. And we'll let everything else in on a case-by-case basis. Everything else is FNURD until then.]]

B Nomic becomes Open for Business.

[[End prop __Free Trade v1.0__]]

This is very open to revision.  Comments, questions, rotten fruit?

Orc in a Spacesuit

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