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Re: [Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Monday afternoon)

On 9/30/02 at 5:08 PM David E. Smith wrote:

>Wonko's massive Grid action du jour: Bonus Boxes are Immobile, and thus
>can't be pinged with Pinball Guns. r301.A.2,par.2. They're not mobile,
>therefore they're immobile. Anyway. In order:
>* 100 pts converted to 900 BNS
>* Scary Box found at (11,3) (-25 points, if you had any)
>* The next 3 moves are legal
>* Borrowing 2 points from Luigi: Legal
>* Buying a Pinball Gun with those 2 points: legal
>* Pinging a Bonus Box: illegal
>* The last 2 moves: legal
>* Scary Box found at (6,3) (-25 points, if you had any)
>* So, you went through all that, and all you have to show for it is a
>  less-useful-than-you-thought Pinball Gun and 2 points of Debt.
>Wonko's second, less massive, Grid action:
>* Wonko's walk: illegal. r301.F.9. The sectino of r301 defining Airspeeder
>  movement takes precedence over 'normal' movement, and you're all out of
>  Airspeeder movement.
>* Jedi Mind Trick: presumably legal. (E *is* the Minister responsible for
>  this, after all.)
>* Eir votes: well, that's a matter of some contention, isn't it. I would
>  maintain their illegality, but I'm not the justice system. ("Let's make
>  it Imperial" failed way back in like nweek 3 or something.)

I think Wonko deserves a bag o' chips here...

{{ _Yes, My Friend, You are Bold, but Are You Also...Daring?_

For having done more damage to emself than any other player in any nweek in this game, I respect Wonko.



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