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[Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Monday afternoon)

The following proposals will be on the nweek 24 ballot (under an
unintentional loophole -- I only meant for one ballot to have the "all the
props you can write" condition, but it does technically extend through
the end of nday 10)...

"The Fish is Dead, Long Smell the Fish!" (1063/0)
"How's This for Feng Shui?" (1064/0)
"Rock On!" (1065/0)
"To Curse Once More" (1066/0)
"Let Me Make One Thing Perfectly Clear..." (1067/0)

Glotmorf: The revisions that were in the infamous lost email (the one
containing those first three props) are small enough that, if they pass,
I'll treat them as rectifications. (Specifically, in p1052, "stocks" will
be replaced with "stocks and shares of stocks"; and in p1022, "resource
unit" will be replaced with "raw material".)

Orc cannot nominate emself for any Ministry, because under the
ill-conceived rules that govern same, I'm de facto elected for the
standard 1-nyear term (unless someone wants to call for a vote of no
confidence, or whatever we call it) against me for some specific ministry.

Wonko's massive Grid action du jour: Bonus Boxes are Immobile, and thus
can't be pinged with Pinball Guns. r301.A.2,par.2. They're not mobile,
therefore they're immobile. Anyway. In order:
* 100 pts converted to 900 BNS
* Scary Box found at (11,3) (-25 points, if you had any)
* The next 3 moves are legal
* Borrowing 2 points from Luigi: Legal
* Buying a Pinball Gun with those 2 points: legal
* Pinging a Bonus Box: illegal
* The last 2 moves: legal
* Scary Box found at (6,3) (-25 points, if you had any)
* So, you went through all that, and all you have to show for it is a
  less-useful-than-you-thought Pinball Gun and 2 points of Debt.

Wonko's second, less massive, Grid action:
* Wonko's walk: illegal. r301.F.9. The sectino of r301 defining Airspeeder
  movement takes precedence over 'normal' movement, and you're all out of
  Airspeeder movement.
* Jedi Mind Trick: presumably legal. (E *is* the Minister responsible for
  this, after all.)
* Eir votes: well, that's a matter of some contention, isn't it. I would
  maintain their illegality, but I'm not the justice system. ("Let's make
  it Imperial" failed way back in like nweek 3 or something.)

Those of you who can vote, but haven't yet done so (and you know who you
are), still have about 7 hours (as I write this) to do so.

At the end of the nweek, in a few short hours, there will probably be an
extra day of downtime while I try to get the Web site moved back to
nomic.net. Stay tuned.


David E. Smith   dave@[technopagan.org|metadave.net|bureau42.com]

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