Glotmorf on 22 Sep 2002 02:21:07 -0000

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[Spoon-business] Re: [Bnomic-private] Nweek 22 Voting Results (v2.0)

On 9/19/02 at 3:19 AM David E. Smith wrote:

>   Proposal 965/0 (Night of the Living Dead Stock Market) (M-Tek):
>   AFF: bd, Glotmorf, Iain, Squire of Dimness
>   NEG: Athena, Baron von Skippy, Mithrandir, The Voice, Wonko
>   Counts (Y/N/A/S) : (4-5-0-0). Measure fails.

Mr. A...After the recount, Proposal 965 was counted as having failed.  Therefore, your veto never occurred, and therefore the proposal should not now be on the ballot as p1016.


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