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[Spoon-business] From the Swirling Mists

Three Cloaked figures huddled closely around a  weak, smaldering fire as the
wind and rain battered at them.  The tallest of the figures removed an old
map from the folds of his soaked robes.
            "Where are we?"
            "Some where near the Temple of Apophis, Best to watch where you
stand, Krull, the Destroyer's followers are known to throw bomb gnomes at
random passers-by."
            "They're a wild lot, those priests," the shortest of the three
spoke.  "Untrustworthy everyone of them. If ye know what's best for ye, you'
ll stay away from that temple proper, I hear tell they be sacrificing people
to that infernal creature."
            "True as that may be, Targe, they can be useful." The tallest of
the men stroked his beard thoughtfully for a moment then straightened his
robes with a free hand. "One of those men gave me this map."
            "And ye expect met to believe that one o' them heathens would
tell you where it was hidden, Squire?"
            "Stranger things have happened, Targe, and to be honest when the
Baron sends you on a mission, you finish it by whatever means necessary."
            "Could it be a trap?" asked Krull.
            "Very well might. Might also lead straight to it."
            "Remind me what it is the Baron's sent us looking for again."]]

((__Rings of Summon__

Create the Following Rule:

There exist four carryable, passable entities known collectively as the
Rings of Summon (ROS). Each ROS is associated with a God(ess) of  B Nomic:

1 The Ring of the Heavens :: Aphrael
2 The Ring of Blind Faith :: Eddie
3 The Ring of Power :: Aschlepius
4 The Ring of Vengeance :: Apophis

if a player is in possession of a ROS, the player may use the Power of the
Ring  once per nWeek.

[["So, it IS the rings of Summon the Baron's been after," snorts Targe. "I
heard those be very powerful items in the right hands."]]

B Powers of The Rings:

1 The Ring of the Heavens: Any player possessing the Ring of the heavens may
update the weather of the grid to include any precipitation type and
corresponding temperature stated in the current ruleset for 1d4 ndays or
until the weather is next updated as stated in current ruleset which ever is
shortest in duration.

2 The Ring of Blind Faith: Any player possessing the ring of blind faith may
automatically shelve one proposal until the next voting period. A player may
shelve the same proposal indefinitely so long as e has possession of the
Ring of Blind Faith.

3 The Ring of Power: Any player possessing the Ring of Blind Faith may
create up to 3 Insta-Rules regardless of eir Insta-Ruler value. Each
Insta-Rule created in this manner will automatically repeal itself in 1d3

4 The Ring of Vengeance: any player possessing the Ring of Vengeance may
have the witch gremlin Curse one other player that voted "NO" on more than
one proposal authored by the  possessor during the previous nweek at no
point cost. If the witch gremlin is Hiding, performing this action calls it
from hiding onto a random grid square.

            [["The Rings are very powerful, Targe, but at a great cost to
the Wielder of such Power." Squire Looks bewilderedly at the old map and
stuffs it back into his robes.]]

C. Effects of the ROS: any player who uses a ROS suffers entropy in the
following formula: E=en where E is actual entropy, e is unmodified entropy
gain through gameplay and n is the number of nweeks the player has been  in
possession of the ROS. Players also lose Nd6 points per use of  a ROS where
N is the number of nweeks the ring has been in the player has been in
possession of said ring. If a player has fewer points than are required by
use of a ROS, the player drops the ring and all other items not in eir gnome
bag  and is placed in limbo. Any player who drops a ROS may not pick up said
ring for 3 nweeks. If the player has been possession of a ROS for less than
1 nweek than substitue 1 for n and N values in  the previous equations.

            [["So how are WE going to find these rings?" asked Krull wiping
the mist from his face with an already soaked cloth.]]

D There exist bonus boxes of type Jewelry Box. Each Jewelry Box  contains 1
ROS.  Each Jewelry Box will be placed initially no more than 1d4 consecutive
squares from the temple of the God(ess) associated with the ROS contained
therein. If a ROS is dropped a jewelry box is created within 1d3 squares of
the dropped position containing  the dropped ring.

           [["Oh, is that all?" Shrugged Krull.
            "We'd better get going if we want to catch Nomvivor in the next
two nyears," Sighed Squire. They quietly put out the fire and walked
sluggishly into the misty darkness.]]


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