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[Spoon-business] AAAARRRGGG!!!

Alright, this time let's send it not only to a business list, but to the
*right* business list.

I grumble to myself.

First of all, I amend my proposal entitled "Spiffiness with Speeders" to add
at the end of section A of the proposed new rule the text "Any player who
owns an airspeeder may transfer ownership of that airspeeder to any other
player, provided that the new owner does not object to this."

I add to the end of the same proposal the text, "Remove section F.9 from
rule 301." [[so that Speeders aren't defined in multiple places]]

I buy 20 Airspeeders, for 100 points.

I enter the Grid at (11,1) [[Ouch! Fire!]]

I buy a Grain Gnome, an Earth Gnome, a Summer Gnome, and a Water Gnome.

I mix the Earth and Summer Gnomes into a Grape Gnome.
I mix the Grape and Water  Gnomes into a Wine  Gnome.

I squeeze the Grain Gnome for a Bread.
I squeeze the Wine  Gnome for Wine.

I buy a Pinball gun.
I shoot the Voice.
I move to (11,2).

I invoke Apophis. I wish to become a Priest of Apophis.

Having become a Priest of Apophis, I will now increase my Destruction. In
accordance with r942, I can do this by decreasing any Nice Dimension by an
integral number of points, provided that Dimension remains positive.

I choose, as the first dimension to be reduced in this fashion, Athena's
Score. [[The rule doesn't say I decrease one of *my* nice dimensions. :) ]]
I reduce it by an amount equal to Athena's Score. I then reduce every other
player's score to zero in the same manner. I then reduce the Activity,
Charm, Respect, and Style of every player (including myself) to 0 in this

[[Don't worry about missing Airspeeder Sale Week - if my speeder proposal
passes, I'll give everyone who doesn't have a speeder one of the 20 I just
bought. So really, you're all saving money, 'cause you'll get them for free
instead of for 5 or 15 points.]]

I issue the following proposal:

__A limit on the power of Faith__

In rule 942, replace the text, " Priests of Apophis may increase their
Destruction by decreasing a Nice Dimension an integral number of points
provided the Dimension's final value is positive"

with the text, " Priests of Apophis may increase their Destruction by
decreasing one of eir Nice Dimensions by an integral number of points
provided that Dimension's final value is positive"

Increase each player's Activity, Charm, Respect, Score, and Style by the
amount each of those values was decreased for that player as a result of any
player's use of r942.

[[I would suggest that the admin simply not bother to change anyone's
dimensions in accordance with my actions, as all that will be negated at the
end of the nweek anyway.]]


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