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[Spoon-business] The Infamous Rule 6!

{{ _The Infamous Rule 6!_


This rule is intended to be a placeholder rule for a lot of terms that we bandy around on an ndaily basis but don't actually sit down and define.  I suspect there'll be more in the future.

Why Rule 6?  Because It's Not There.


Create a Rule 6 as follows:

{{ _Game Definitions_

The following list contains defined terms used in this game.  Terms used in the game rules but not explicitly defined in the game rules are considered to have common English meaning.

Entity: a person or thing that exists within the context of the game.  All persons or things that are defined in the rules are entities that exist within the context of the game.

Game Document: a body of text maintained by the Administrator and available for review by game entities.

Player: a sentient entity who is recognized as an active participant in the game, and whose existence is not limited to the game.



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