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[Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Wednesday evening)

Wild Card goes On Leave.
Rob returns from Leave.

Wonko wisely rules FALSE on CFI 990.

"Fixing the Bandwidth" is 991/0, 991/1. (Wonko, please look this one over,
as I intentionally mis-interpreted your words. You asked me to replace
text that wasn't actually IN the proposal, so I took my best guess at what
you meant.)

"Funny, he doesn't look Druish..." is 993/0.
"Service Malls" is 995/0.
"This Island Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us" is 996/0, 996/1.
"Cleanliness" is 997/0.
"More Cleanliness" is 998/0.
"Spiffiness with Speeders" is 999/0.
"Crime Doesn't Pay" is 1000/0, 1000/1.
"Wealthy Bastard goes Public" is 1001/0.
"Stop It!" is 1002/0.
"It's Tango Time!" is 1003/0.
"Improving Speeders" is 1004/0.
"A New World to Explore... and Conquer" is 1005/0.
"Club B -- A Member of the Club A Family of Fine Clubs" is 1006/0.
"Just What IS Level Ground Anyway?" is 1007/0.
"Your Flat Or Mine?" is 1008/0, 1008/1.

Glotmorf's CFI on the legality of voting on p958 is CFI 992, assigned to Iain.
Wonko's CFI on the bandwidth limits is CFI 994, assigned to Squire of Dimness.

bd moves on the Grid, even though as I haven't yet applied the effects of
Entropy, such movement is pretty much pointless. :)

Here comes the effects of Entropy...
* The Grid is just about cleared out. (There's still a couple pesky beer
  cans, though.)
* The Weather Man is asked to update the Weather (Entropy).
* The Insta-Minister is asked to adjust the Insta-Rules as appropriate.
* All Gremlins go into Hiding. Rocky becomes Active, thus preventing the
  AAAHHH! Gremlin from doing its thing. (Darned rules of precedence.) A
  couple other Gremlins become active at the end of the nweek.
* All player have their Entropy zeroed and gain 10 Points.
* Created 394/12 (switch endzones)
* The Yeti moves onto the Grid.

Wonko buys a shitload of stocks and really annoys me. (Since e specified
EVERY stock, that includes a whole lot of proposal stocks, player stocks,
blah blah blah.) Wonko transfers a lot of BNS. I can't find a way for em
to legally give everything to the bank, though; looks like e's sorta stuck
with all that cash.

Votes come in here somewhere...

Rocky drops a Big Rock (4 points, no siren).

An election for the Ministry of Economic Affairs is now open.
An election for the Ministry of Gremlins is now open.
Nominations for both of the above will be accepted for five ndays.

Robin (the Bandit Gremlin) steals 25 points from Wonko and gives them to
Squire of Dimness.

Pinhead (the Bowling Gremlin) gives 16 points to each player who authored
a proposal (Wonko, The Voice, bd, Athena, Mithrandir, Baron von Skippy,
Squire of Dimness, Glotmorf, and Orc In a Spacesuit).

Curt and Rod become Active, and move round a bit.

"Nweek 23 Insta-Prop" is 1011/0.

The Weather Man is asked to update the Weather again (start of nweek).

The Force Minister is asked to handle everyone's Force Recovery.

The new Gremlin Number is 37. The Telephone is Ringing.

Baron von Skippy, The Voice, Wild Card, Glotmorf, Wonko, bd, and Squire of
Dimness each get one free Gnome (vSOI membership). The Gnome Minister is
asked to randomly generate these Gnomes and award them.

House Grem drafts the Witch Gremlin.

The Flaming Gremlin Burns Naath. Not that it matters, since there's no
Bandwidth limits this nweek.

The Yeti moves round on the Grid, leaving a trail of Frozen squares in eir
wake. (I'm not sure if they stay frozen, since I'm not sure what the
Weather is like just now.)

The Gnome Account cashes out; all vSOI members get 15 points.

The Immunity Idol is awarded to Wonko.
The Bandwidth Gremlin is Hiding; the Token of Proposals is not awarded.
(Like it matters this nweek.)
The Illegally Obtained Ballot is awarded to Mithrandir.

Dear Goddess, I hope that's everything.

Oh yeah - the Clock is now On. Today is nweek 23 (FINALLY), nday 1.


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