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[Spoon-business] Proposal: flats

{{ _Your Flat or Mine?_

Add the following subsection to Rule 301:

E.5. Flats

There exist conditionally impassable stationary objects called Flats.  A Flat is a structure erected on an otherwise unoccupied surface square of the Grid, or on top of another Flat.

An entity can create a Flat at a given surface unit by specifying eir desire to do so on the public forum.  A Flat costs 35 points, and is constructed at the end of the nweek in which it is purchased.

Once the Flat has been constructed, it is considered a square for the purposes of movement, except that its owner has sole discretion over who is allowed to enter it.  Its grid location is (x,y,z), where (x,y) is the location of the surface square on which it, or the flats under it, are built, and z is the elevation of the surface square plus the number of flats under it.  The unoccupied roof of the flat is considered to be a square at location (x,y,z+1).

If an entity is not permitted to enter the Flat, e is still able to navigate the fire escape on the side of the flat to move to the square above or below the Flat.  Climbing the flat, either up or down, is considered a move, but the Flat being climbed cannot be the square the entity ends eir movement on unless e is permitted to enter the Flat.  If an entity in a square at the same level as a Flat wishes to get to the roof of that Flat, e must move two squares: one to climb the Flat, and one to enter the roof square.

If more than one Flat is stacked at a given surface unit, the collection of Flats is called a Building.

The owner of a Flat may transfer ownership to any other entity e chooses; neither the former owner nor the new owner need occupy the Flat in order to perform the transfer.



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