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[Spoon-business] Developing the grid

{{ _Just What IS Level Ground Anyway?_

In Rule 301:

-	Replace the text of subsection A.1 with the following:

	There exists an environment known as the Grid.  The Grid is composed of surface units, which in turn contain locations, also known as Squares.  The Grid is 20 surface units wide by 20 surface units long.  The surface units are numbered from 1 to 20 horizontally (the x axis) and 1 to 20 vertically (the y axis); squares in surface units use the x and y axis, but also employ elevation (the z axis), expressed as units of elevation above or below grid level (where z is equal to 0).  Each surface unit on the Grid can be expressed as an (x,y) coordinate location, with (1,1) in the lower left-hand corner, and (20,20) in the upper right.  Each square on the grid can be expressed as an (x,y,z) coordinate location, with x and y indicating the surface unit; if the z coordinate is not supplied for a square, it is assumed to be the surface square.

-	Replace the first two paragraphs of subsection A.3 with the following:

	Each Grid Square has two attributes called Substance and Depth.  Substance describes the material of which the square is made.  Depth denotes where the square is in relation to the surface (unmodified topmost point) of a surface unit; every surface unit contains a surface square -- a square whose depth is zero.

In Rule 948:

-	Replace the text "depth increases from less than 10 to greater than 10" with "elevation decreases to -11 or lower".

-	Replace the text "depth decreases from greater than 10 to less than 10" with "elevation increases to -9 or higher".

In Rule 949:

-	Replace the word "depth" with the word "elevation".

On the Grid:

-	Establish surface squares for every surface unit.  Surface squares where the former depth of the unit was 0 have elevation 0; surface squares where the former depth of the unit was non-zero have elevation equal to the negative of their former depth.


[[ Yes, folks, I'm making the grid officially three-dimensional. ]]


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