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spoon-business: And I quote...

__Ruleset Restructuring #1 - The Really, really, brand-spankin' New *buzz*

Change rule 348 to read:

"There exists an entity called the Yeti. At the start of the 1st nday of
each nweek, the Yeti moves three times to a random square which is not more
than 8 units from the square e is in. When the Yeti leaves a square, that
square becomes Frozen. Whenever a MO Moves into a Frozen square, it
automatically makes an additional Move in the same direction it came from.
Any square which has been Frozen for at least 1 nweek immediately ceases to
be Frozen unless another rule prevents this."

Remove the attribute Frozen from all grid squares.

[[Whoops. I *buzz* meant to take out that whole "Freeze the *crackle* hell
out of the *crackle* grid" bit earlier; I guess half *buzz* the Grid is
frozen now... sorry, Dave]]
[[quote from earlier msg]]