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spoon-business: M-Tek

{{ _A Piece of the Action_


Frank stuck his head in my office while I was typing. "Hey busy?"

"Just working on a grant application.  What'cha need?"

He came in and settled in a chair. "Had a question.  Who runs the company?"

"I do."

"No, I mean, who really runs it?"

"The Illuminati.  They want to keep tabs on Council of Eight initiatives buried in research projects by the NSA."

I inserted footnotes, feeling Frank's eyes on me as I worked.

"You're jerking my chain, right?"

"If that's what you want to believe."

"Look, I just mean...Is there, like, a board of directors, or stockholders, or some foundation or something?"

"Nope.  Just me.  Sole-proprietorship, privately held, non-profit status pending.  I got some contracts a while back, used the profits to build the lab, got more contracts, got employees...Usual entrepreneur stuff."  I glanced over my shoulder at him. "I never told you this?"

"No, you never did.  So...what's the policy?  What's the company charter?"

"Well, rule number one is, what I say, goes."

I reformatted titles.  I'm never sure how flashy is too flashy when dealing with the government, but stodgy seemed to be out this year.


"There is no 'and'.  It's my company, it's my lab, I'm the Prez.  What I say, goes."

"Well...yeah, but you're not the only one here with a brain..."

"No, but I'm the only one here with a signature on the paycheck.  I write the checks, I sign the checks, unless you don't do what I want, in which case I don't sign your check.  See rule number one."

"What if I have an idea of my own?"

"See rule number one."

"You can't just dismiss what we say!"

"I don't.  If I did, your butt wouldn't be in that chair; it'd be outside the room with the door hitting it.  But if you want to do something in my company, in my lab, on my time, with my money, you're gonna clear it with me first."

The cost projections were in a spreadsheet, which just didn't want to let itself be inserted.  I suspected it was short on memory...I probably had to delete some games off my hard drive to make room for swap space.

In the meantime, I swiveled my chair around. "What is it you want, Frank?"

He hesitated, then took a breath. "Well...the guys were talking..."

"You and the guys."

"...Me and the guys...were talking about some projects we'd like to do on our own, and some people we'd like to bring on board..."

I shrugged. "Okay.  Just clear it with me."

"But this is stuff we agreed on as a group..."

"Cool.  Just clear it with me.  See rule number one."


"Frank.  It's my bat and ball.  If I get mad and go home, y'all don't get to play.  I'm not saying you can't come up with your own project suggestions, your own personnel recommendations, whatever.  You just have to clear it with me."

He sighed and let his eyes wander as rule number one perhaps began to soak in. "Okay.  So I'll just write up a memo about that?"

"Sure.  Just clear it with me."


This is a Charter Prop.

{{ _M-Tek_

There exists a Club called M-Tek.

The Prez is the leader of M-Tek.  The Prez has the last word on all M-Tek actions.  E can mandate or veto any action taken by M-Tek as a whole.

Players can join M-Tek if M-Tek invites them to join with a message on the Public Forum.  A player then joins M-Tek by posting a public forum message saying e accepts.  If e does not post said message within the same nweek, e doesn't join that nweek, and will have to wait for M-Tek to invite em some other nweek.

The Prez can invite a player to join.  If more than 1/2 of the current M-Tek members agree, they can invite a player to join, though the Prez can veto the invite.

The Prez can oust an M-Tek member.  If at least 2/3 of the current M-Tek members agree, they can oust a member, though the Prez can veto the ouster.

The Prez can make an M-Tek club prop.  If at least 1/2 of the current M-Tek members agree, they can make an M-Tek club prop, though the Prez can veto the club prop.

If the player who is the Prez leaves M-Tek or this game (and thus M-Tek), and there are still M-Tek members, the member with the highest entrop. dim. is the new Prez.  If there is more than one member with the highest entrop. dim., members vote to choose a new Prez.  M-Tek cannot invite, oust or make club props unless it has a Prez.

Glotmorf is the first member, and the first Prez.



"...So that's it?  Whatever he says, goes?"

"Pretty much.  He said he'll listen to us, but it'll still be up to him."

"Well, I guess it's his bat and ball.  So do you think he'll let us hire the cheerleader?"

"Make sure you attach a picture."