Glotmorf on 24 Apr 2002 22:03:56 -0000

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Re: spoon-business: Judgement on CFJ 615

On 4/24/02 at 5:47 PM Glotmorf wrote:

>On 4/24/02 at 9:25 AM Karin L. Kross wrote:
>>CFJ 615/0
>>CFJ by Wonko: Changing Votes
>>Statement: Once a player has cast a vote on a proposal, e may not
>>change it.
>>I judge this to be TRUE.
>Bathed on the judgment of C F J six hundred fifteen, I make thith C F J:
>Wonko could not have changed eir vote last nweek on my inthta-ruleth prop.
> Therefore, eir vote on it wath "yeth", and voteth on that prop need to be
>counted again.
>						Glotmorf

I name Wonko ath def.