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spoon-business: BALLOT, nweek 13

The following measures are on the ballot for nweek 13:

Proposal 566/0: The Ministers of the Realm (Bean)
Proposal 567/0: Making things more square (Wild Card)
Proposal 568/0: Champagne gets you drunk too! (Wild Card)
Proposal 569/0: A fix for Wonko (Bean)
Proposal 570/0: I rob from the rich! (Bean)
Proposal 571/0: Yawn (Wild Card)
Proposal 572/0: if we sqeeze up a bit we can all fit in (Naath)
Proposal 582/0: Omnibus Proposal II: Electric Boogaloo (The Administrator)
Proposal 583/0: I Ain't Dr. Seuss (Glotmorf)
Proposal 584/2: The Newer Yeti (Wonko)
Proposal 585/0: N Heads Really ARE Better Than 1! (Glotmorf)
Proposal 586/0: Hey Spanky, Wanna Start A Club? (Glotmorf)
Proposal 587/0: The End of the World (Wonko)
Proposal 588/0: Flipping the Circuit Breaker (Rob)
Proposal 589/0: Proper Disp. (Wonko)
Proposal 591/0: And so you're free. (The Reality Police)
Proposal 592/0: It will surely come. (The Reality Police)
Proposal 593/0: And I bring you... (The Reality Police)
Proposal 594/0: Just a figment of the telephone. (The Reality Police)
Proposal 595/0: Swabbing the Deck (Glotmorf)
Proposal 596/0: The Upper House (Wild Card)
Proposal 597/0: To Seek Out New Life, and New Cultures (Glotmorf)
Proposal 598/0: Keep your hands off! (Wild Card)
Proposal 599/0: Bruce ahoy! (Naath)
Proposal 600/0: Balance (Dan)
Proposal 601/1: The first rule is, you don't talk about it (Congenital
Proposal 602/0: Gnome Bags (The Voice)
Proposal 603/0: Barkeep! More Gnomes! (The Voice)
Proposal 604/0: Balance II (Dan)
Proposal 605/0: Stretching the Bubble (Wild Card)
Proposal 607/2: Gnomes Up the Wazoo (Baron von Skippy)
Proposal 608/0: Wait! It's Not Finished Yet! (Baron von Skippy)
Proposal 609/0: I Only Have Two Hands! (And an infinite number of
		limbs...) (The Voice)
Proposal 610/0: Whoosh! SPLAT! (Wonko)
Proposal 611/0: Freeze! (Wonko)
Proposal 612/0: Buried Treasure (Wild Card)
Proposal 613/0: Fry! (Wonko)
Proposal 614/0: Judicial Reform (Wild Card)
Proposal 616/0: All Right Thinking People (Wild Card)
Proposal 617/0: Sorry Dan, You Can't Do That. (The Voice)


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