Wonko on 18 Apr 2002 13:49:13 -0000

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spoon-business: proposals

__Whoosh! SPLAT!__

Append to rule five hundred and fifty this text:

"If a Player and a Sponge are in the same grid space, the Player may pick up
the Sponge.

A Player who has a Sponge can throw it at a grid square or at a Player in a
grid square. Sponges cannot be thrown at Players who are On Leave.

If a Sponge is thrown at a Player, the Player must, as an action, catch the
Sponge within two ndays of it being thrown. If the Player does not or cannot
catch the Sponge, the Sponge hits the Player, then falls where the Player is
standing. If the Sponge is Dry, the hit Player loses a random number of
score points between one and three to the Player that threw the Sponge; If
the Sponge is Wet, then the square which the player is standing on, all grid
objects on that square, and all grid objects possessed by players on that
square become Wet, and the Sponge becomes Dry."