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spoon-business: Bruce!

Oh yeah, this was what I was going to propose.


Create a new rule, entitled __The Flaming Gremlin__ with the following BRUCE delimited text:

There exists a Gremlin known as The Flaming Gremlin, also known as Bruce. At the beginning of each nweek, after the Immunity Idol is awarded, Bruce gives a random player the attribute "Burnt". When a player is Burnt, e may make one fewer proposal then e would normally be able to. No two players may be Burnt at the same time. When a second player becomes Burnt, the first player loses the attribute "Burnt". If a player who is Burnt makes no proposals before a Ballot is issued, Bruce goes into Hiding until the next Ballot is issued. [[The player would then remain Burnt for an extra nweek.]]

The player who holds the Immunity Idol is not considered to be a player for the purposes of Bruce choosing a random player to become Burnt.

This rule takes precedence over rule 212. [[Bandwidth Rationing]]


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