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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (Tuesday Evening)

At long last, it's time to get caught up again. (Hey, it's not nearly as
bad as, say, a couple weeks ago...)

There's a little something for everyone in here, from recognitions to CFJ
assignments. Be sure to read carefully!

New player: Yuki. Welcome!

Glotmorf purchases a DimShip, christening it "Benomicant".
Rob purchases an unnamed DimShip.

Wonko: Thanks for reminding me of the self-deleting clause of Rule 502.
Rob: The Yeti was actually marked THRICE on The Grid. Anyway, it's better

Bean transfers the Scarf to Glotmorf. Glotmorf gains 6 Style points.
Wonko gives 4 points to Dan.

Wonko can't chuck the Witch Gremlin, since it's in Hiding. (It went into
hiding as a result of the Primal Scream triggered earlier in the nweek.)

UIN's latest existential CFJ is 590, assigned to Yuki. (I swear it's

UIN never caught the Witch Gremlin, since it was never thrown. The rest of
eir actions, though, are legal: E drinks eir champagne (acquired a couple
nweeks ago) and changes eir name to "The Reality Police."

Baron von Skippy is on Team Crimson.

Bean's Grid move is queued, even though I'm not entirely sure it's legal.
(You'd have to move to be in range for a tackle, but the tackling rules
say you don't move, which means you weren't able to tackle. I'm not ready
to call the Paradox Police yet, but I'm open to suggestions.)

Iain comes off leave, then goes on leave. Whee!
Dan comes off leave, makes a quick proposal, then goes on leave. Whee!

Unless someone has better logic than I (not a difficult task to
accomplish, I assure you), Wild Card's modification of Rule 18 appears to
be legal. 18/2. Glotmorf's subsequent addition to Rule 12 is illegal, as
Wild Card closed the loophole used.

Recognized flaming gremlins named Bruce:

"The Newer Yeti": 584/0. 584/1.
"N Heads Really ARE Better Than 1!": 585/0.
"Hey Spanky, Wanna Start A Club?": 586/0.
"The End of the World": 587/0.
"Flipping the Circuit Breaker": 588/0.
"Proper Disp.": 589/0.
"And so you're free.": 591/0. (You're kidding, right?)
"It will surely come.": 592/0. (No, it's not likely to...)
"And I bring you...": 593/0.
"Just a figment of the telephone.": 594/0.
"Do your best to change the subject.": 595/0.
"The Upper House": 596/0. (and going through all previous CFJs to
                          determine membership will be not-fun.)
"To Seek Out New Life, and New Cultures": 597/0.
                          (It must be a Galeon bug causing the db to not
                           like Nomilogues, as lynx just sends it on in.)
"Keep your hands off!": 598/0.
"Bruce ahoy!": 599/0.
"Balance": 600/0.

That's all, really. Only took like an hour and a half.


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