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spoon-business: Proposal: Club Charters

{{ _Hey Spanky, Wanna Start a Club?_

{{ _Club Charters_

Groups, as defined in Rule Five-Seven-Eight, also known as Clubs, can be formed by a Player making a Charter Prop, which is like a normal prop. in that it's added to the nweek ballot and voted on.  A Charter Prop, though, passes unless 2/3 of the votes it receives are against it.  Passage or failure of Charter Props don't cause gains or losses of score points.

A Charter Prop must be called such when it is proposed.  It must include a rule that defines the Club.  This rule must include:

- The Name of the Club

- The method for Players to become members

- The method for Club members to be Ousted (removed, kicked out)

- The method, if any, for Clubs to approve and submit Club Props

- The name of a Player that is the first member of the Club

If the Player named as the first member is not the same as the Player who made the Charter Prop, the named Player must post a public forum message before the end of the nweek that says e consents to being the first member.

Neither the Club nor the rule that defines the Club are made if the above demands are not met.


This rule has a Chutzpah of 2.