Glotmorf on 15 Apr 2002 14:39:36 -0000

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Re: spoon-business: Glotmorf's Dimship

On 4/15/02 at 10:32 AM Glotmorf wrote:

>On 4/15/02 at 10:22 AM Wonko wrote:
>>Well, rule four hundred ninety three says that Buoy. and Ballast can each
>>set to as much as one hundred, so: Either that makes it legal for me to do
>>that which I am about to do; Or it is not legal for Glotmorf to set those
>>same aspects of eir ship...
>>I set Glotmorf's Dimship's values to: fifty Buoy. in Entrop., one hundred
>>Ballast in score.
>Heh.  Fine.  I change my Dim Ship buoy. to 0.
>We can do this back and forth as much as we want...
>						'Morf

...And now I change my Ballast to 0 too.

Wonko's first para. has a problem: those aren't the sole options in that either-or statement.  It could be that Wonko can't change my DimShip's values because it's mine; that's more likely than that I can't change my own.